Storm Paddle -1.88m

Storm Paddle -1.88m

The Storm paddle is short - it's used with a sliding stroke.  Great for use as a spare as it fits well on front or back decks.  A great tool to have permanantly stached on your rear deck for recoving from an unexpected roll or paddle loss.  Simple unobtrusive insurance.  


These are built more robustly for strong crunching sliding strokes.  


If the wind is howling, the Storm paddle is made for pushing into the wind with the least effort.  The sliding stroke means no paddle length is sticking up in the wind pushing you backwards.


Add options to build up your paddle


Go all cedar for an entry level paddle 


Hardwood lamination adds strength and reduces the risk of fractures


A hollow core reduces the weight of adding hardwood laminations but leaves enough strength for sensible use.  Without a hollow core a laminated paddle with tips and edge protection will be >900g :(  


Edge protection reduces dents affecting the edge of the paddle


Tip protection adds protection for bumps on rocks and the ground


Paggle weights around 750g for ocean use.

Lighter paddles possible by special order - lighter is less strong.