Paddle Oil

A small bottle of paddle oil for keeping your paddle fresh.  Enough oil to coat you paddle 3 or 4 times. Includes shipping by Australia Post, Australia wide.


Contents: Pure tung oil.

Caution: Tung oil is a natural nut oil - if you have a nut allergy do not use. 

  • Care instructions

    Keep out of direct light - light exposure reduces shelf life.

    Shelf life ~12 months when stored in the dark

  • Paddle oil application instructions

    1. Wash and dry your paddle.
    2. Wipe on a thin layer with a small clean soft cloth.
    3. Stand paddle up and let dry for two weeks (yes its a very long time)
    4. Go paddling! 

    This is Tung Nut oil - If you have a nut allergy take precautions that suit your allergy.