Handmade Greenland Paddles


Greenland paddles are currently pretty rare in Australia, but a growing understanding of their benefits and place in a kayakers quiver of tools is leading to a surge of interest.   This surge lead to Elver Paddles creation. 

My paddles are made from timber, hand carved and finished with a durable oil finish for durability and superior feel.

I offer two basic paddle shapes as a base range, The Tour and The Storm.  The Tour is a 2.22m length Greenland paddle with 90mm wide blades.  The Storm is a shorter version at 1.8m length, with around 85mm wide blades.  

You can add bits to your order to build up the perfect paddle - Laminates, hardwood tips, hardwood edging and hollow core too.

I mainly custom make paddles to our your requirements.

Limited stock is kept on hand of the Tour and Storm in western red cedar.

Lead time for custom paddles is approximately 2 to 3 weeks from order, depending on the order list at the time.

Email for information and enquiries at: elverpaddles@gmail.com

 Tess Dodd with Gnarleydogs paddle

 For a review of this paddle, see http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2009/07/switching-to-stix-traditional-paddles.html








Contact us on elverpaddles@gmail.com