I've been making and selling Greenland Paddles in Australia since 2006.  Each paddle hand made from premium timbers, carefully selected to make durable and beautiful paddles.

My paddles are made one at a time, by hand at Emerald Beach, NSW.  

I use a bandsaw to cut out the plan shape, but after that everything is done by hand.  Sharp hand planes, a draw knife and spokeshaves are my favourite things.  Experienced hands, muscle memory and sharp tools make paddles more efficiently and better than any C'nC machines in China.   

Cedar and Jarrah make flexible and beautiful paddles.  Durable and forgiving on muscles and joints.

Timber paddles are light and age with beauty.  

Nearly every paddle is custom.  I keep a small stock of 'standard sizes' but my specialty is making a paddle fit you. 

Making paddles is what I do after work and on my days off - I spend my week days working in an office.  Paddle making lets my mind wander and my hands do the work -  so paddle making is a meditation for me.   


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