May 2018

Winter is here again. I'm still making paddles and shipping Australia wide.  The website is due for an overhaul, so watch this space! 


May 2016

Its been a good long and warm summer. Water temperatures here on the east coast hotter than normal and paddle orders have kept up the pace with the extend summer.  As the temperature cools a little, orders seems to be slowing a little too, so if you need a paddle let me know and I can get something to you without delay.  




November 2015

Well I've been neglecting the website for some time - too busy making paddles.  So to answer the questions some people are asking after seeing old stuff here - yes I am still making paddles!! Lots of them.

I seem to be doing a lot of paddles with hollow cores, hardwood edges and tips - the Full Bling..  at present, and all custom. So I don't bother holding stock - everything is made to order - its simpler that way.

Give me a call or email if you need a paddle.



May 2013: New wood paddles in stock.

  I've been busy in the shed.  Making  a few skin boats and working away on some wooden belly boards.  The belly boards are a bit of a revelation - simple cedar boards, thin and longer than a boogie board, but not an alaia, that are awesome in big surf - they provide excellent planing ability, but near no flotation, so you can dive right to the bottom to clear sets on the way back out. 

Also I've made some paddles for stock.  Normally I don't hold stock, but a bit of shed time at night and some nice sharp planes has meant I can work into the wee hours without waking my neighbors.  Something not possible when using power tools.  The hand tools have meant I can make paddles faster and with greater precision.  For someone who learnt wood working in the time of power tools this is a bit of a revelation.  A sharp spoke shave, razor sharp wooden bodied planes and a drawknife put Mr Makita to shame.  They key is sharpening skills and then repetition.  They say it takes a thousand hours to become proficient - surely I must be getting close as the results are now better when I make a plane with hand tools only. 

The result is  I have a few Elver Greenland Paddles in stock, both Tour and Storm ready to go if your keen for a fast delivery.  This includes a pair of paddles (Storm and Tour) laminated with huon pine and western red cedar, the Tour in the pair is hollow.   


February 2010:  Hollow core paddles available

I've been making hollow core paddles for some time.  I now offer a hollow core option when using a laminated paddle.  Added cost is $75 on top of usual price.   Significant weight savings if you want a hardwood splined paddle.

Recommended to save weight when strengthening a paddle with a hardwood / oregon laminate.  The strength of the paddle is not reduced as much as the weight is reduced.

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