Custom Wooden Paddles



Elver Paddles makes custom Greenland Paddles.  Please call or email with you preferences.

As a starting point we offer two standard paddles - The Tour and the Storm. 


The Tour

The Tour is a around 2.22m long, 90mm wide, and is used for distance paddling. The loom is about 45cm wide, blades around 85cm long and the shoulder between the blade and loom is a smooth transition.
This is my everyday paddle. It’s efficient, light and a joy to paddle.   Paddle all day long and enjoy the relaxed and efficient stroke the Tour lends itself to, or roll the boat over and feel the essence of Greenland paddles in a roll. The length, buoyancy, and shape of the Tour lends itself to smooth rolling technique.  Weights as low as 500g can be achieved dependant on the timber. Standard paddles weigh about 750g.
RRP $330 
Side view
The Storm
The Storm is a short Greenland paddle that requires a sliding stroke for use. It’s around 1.88m long and 85mm wide. It’s sturdier than the Tour, for use in heavy conditions.   Store this paddle on the deck for emergency use, or use in really windy conditions.  With a sliding stroke there is no paddle left to catch the wind and send you backwards.
RRP $290
Call Tom for a custom loom width, blade length and shape. Available timbers include: Cedar, Douglas Fir, Hoop Pine, Huon Pine and King Billy Pine.    The options are endless!            
Options include:

Hardwood tip protection

either as 'secret' hardwood inserts or 'boot tops'




Hardwood edge protection

Edges extend to loom transition








Laminations for strength and appearance





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